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FT3 aims is to accelerate the benefits of Personalized Medicine and Precision Medicine (PM) by generating better evidence, creating awareness and building the conditions for better access to targeted medicine in oncology and beyond.

We are a global, open and collaborative multi-stakeholder program that builds synergies and accelerates pragmatic efforts to make PM an accessible reality for all those who could benefit from it, starting with cancer and testing. We build with patients for patients. Using a co-creation approach, we directly involve patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholder groups in problem solving and decision making at every step, and in an ethically responsible way.

5 Strategic Areas


Support the development of data & evidence to demonstrate the benefits of PM on patient outcomes and put in place a data governance structure.


Build the value case for PM and raise awareness to increase support & resourcing, starting with proven clinical areas.


Build a world-class governance and the foundation for trust, credibility, agile growth, and impact.


Create favourable conditions for PM: Build a global multistakeholder network and community, unify and amplify existing efforts, and facilitate collaboration to address systemic barriers to equitable patient access to targeted medicine.


Provide education and tools to support patient empowerment and informed decision-making. Help patients inquire about the appropriateness of targeted treatment and equip healthcare professionals with the resources they need to better support their patients.


First activities and priorities


Landscape Mapping & Need Analysis

Understand the environment, barriers & map activities to inform strategic planning and identify synergies

  • Intake calls and survey with members and experts
  • Identify available expertise & skills
  • PM landscape & resources mapping
  • Stakeholder survey
  • Country and conditions cards
  • Map the transition in PM
  • Map the patient journey


Co-Creation with Patients & HCPs

Open collaboration globally to shape strategy and planning for useful and impactful outcomes

  • Stakeholder engagement calendar
  • Co-creation sessions and working groups with stakeholders to develop tools and resources
  • Iterative feedback sessions and piloting


Centralised global resources available to all

Tested, improved and finalised PM tools integrated in the FT3P platform – a trusted platform for sharing activities and building consensus on PM – available to all stakeholders

  • Trusted PM platform to centralise information, amplify initiatives
  • Plain language communications & adaptable toolkit for POs
  • Patient data “quality standards” and quality initiatives identified & promoted
  • Resources and support for HCPs
  • eTraining modules
  • Global glossary
  • Data collection and management system & governance


Accelerate PM initiatives through open collaboration

Enable sustainable change by bringing together and supporting all stakeholder types in the whole PM system

  • Unify, promote and provide practical support for a portfolio of research and initiatives across strategic areas (policy, data, education…)
  • PM “Synapse” platform to identify gaps and potential synergies
  • PM “Voices” Ambassadors program
  • Community engagement campaigns
  • Call to Action White Paper

Communication and outreach activities

3 representative Working Groups to co-create and deliver

Working group 1

Patient & HCP Education & Awareness

Working group 2

Data & Evidence

Working group 3

Systemic Barriers & Opportunities

Co-creation working groups and stakeholder consultations

First deliverables

Plain language adaptable toolkit for POs (2020-2021)

  • “Unbranded” toolkit for HCPs (2020-2021)
  • Map the patient journey (2020)
  • Global glossary (2021)
  • eTraining modules (2021-2022)

First deliverables

Plain language adaptable toolkit for POs

  • Promote quality patient data
    initiatives (2020-2021)
  • Need analysis for data collection and
    management system (2021)

First deliverables

Plain language adaptable toolkit for POs

  • Stakeholder survey (2020-2021)
  • Country and conditions cards (2020-2021)
  • Call to Action White Paper (2020)

Centralized global resources to test, refine & available to all

Join us!

  • Shape practical solutions on specific focus areas that are most relevant to you
  • Participate in a globally active and diverse group
  • Open to Members and non-members
  • Monthly meetings starting October 2020
  • Average time commitment of 4 hours / month